Cartersville Illegal Dumping Cleanup

We help to get rid of old tires, trash, furniture, boxes and anything dumped illegally in Cartersville, GA. We pick up, haul away, and properly dispose of these items.

Are You Looking For A Cartersville Illegal Dumping Cleanup Service?

We Do The Lifting

We know you want us to take care of all your illegal dumping needs, so that's exactly what we'll do! Our team is here for any heavy furniture or dangerous situations and can handle them easily.


You'll get the best price possible with us along with great service that will have your illegal dumped items removed in no time at all. Dumped items may take extra work but that does not mean it should cost a fortune. We make it affordable.

Proper Disposal

We are environmentally conscious and we always make sure that all dumped items of are broken down or recycled appropriately. Wood, metal fabric is properly disposed of off so it doesn't end up clogging the landfill and hurting the environment.

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Types Of Illegally Dumpedersville, GA

Cartersville Sofa Remova

Old Couches

You've tried lifting that old couch on and even tried giving it away. At the end of the day, no one wanted it. Don't worry about it, we will haul it away for you and dispose of it properly.

old chair removal

Old Chairs

We've seen many illegally dumped old chairs at homes and businesses. But worry no more. We will take care of these illegally dumped items when the time comes so you don't have any extra stress getting rid of it.

Patio Furniture Removal

Patio Furniture

We often get calls from customers that find that someone has illegally dumped patio furniture onto their property. Give us a call and we'll swing by and pick up the unwanted patio furniture in a timely manner. We offer a pickup and hauling service for all of our customers.

Furniture Removal Cartersville GA

Entertainment Centers

It seems that entertainment centers are one of the most often illegally dumped items. They also take up space and are unsightly once illegally dumped on your property. Have no fear, we're here to help. Give us a call and we'll be right over to remove the unsightly junk.

Chairs & Tables

Chairs & Tables

If you find that someone has improperly dumped a table and chairs, give us a call right away to help lift, load, and dispose of the unwanted items. These things can clog back doorways and lawns and become a real nuisance. If you find yourself with illegally dumped chairs and tables on your property, give us a call.

Office Furniture Removal

Office Funiture

Office furniture is some of the most often illegally dumped items we see. These items can be heavy and hard to dispose of. Let Wastin Away Junk Removal do the heavy lifting when it comes to removing illegally dumped office furniture in Cartersville.

Steps You Can Expect With Our Illegal Dumping Cleanup Service…

Step #1

Schedule your Furniture Removal service here online with our email form or call us at (470) 790-2200.

Step #2

Let our friendly local team know about the piece of furniture you need hauled away. Type and size.

Step #3

We will then provide you with an up-front all-inclusive price on the pick up, haul off, and disposal of it.

Step #4

We'll pick up the item. We'll then collect payment once the job is complete

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